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Older Adult Services

Early Intervention Services
for Older Adults

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Case Manager: Soheila Rahmanian

Purpose of this program is to identify isolated senior citizens who may be at risk of developing depression, committing suicide, experiencing cognitive decline or even showing early stages of dementia due to isolation and financial disadvantages. The program provides social support, in-home visits and assessment by mental health case managers, linkages to various social services, as well as participation in cognitively and emotionally stimulating art classes, educational seminars, and socialization events. The program is not only to minimize risk of developing severe mental illnesses, particularly age related cognitive decline, it is also to improve our seniors quality of life and increase their opportunities to socialize and stay connected with their communities.
This program is funded by the County of Orange Health Care Agency, Behavioral Health Services, Prevention and Intervention Division, Mental Health Services Act/Proposition 63.